$11.95 Isn’t Good Enough: It's Time to Raise Minimum Wage

May 31, 2022
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One McMuffin Value Meal (forget the extra hash brown) and a single full-fare bus ride. That’s roughly what $11.95 can get you. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s a pathetic amount for a provincial minimum wage. 

Now, Stefanson plans to hike this wage up to $12.35 an hour. This still isn’t enough, especially considering the gross cost of rent, utilities, and food in this province.

And these are just the basics! In our opinion, entertainment isn’t a luxury. No matter your job title, you deserve access to social and cultural experiences. This kind of community connection is vital just to keep a person from going all Jack Torrance.

We can’t forget that folks with disabilities deal with living expenses that non-disabled employers often fail to even consider.

Let's also remember that getting to and from work in a comfortable manner is its own expense. And things like childcare, aesthetics, transportation, and parking all hack a hefty amount off someone’s paycheck before they even clock in.     

Our commitment

Our crew is awesome, and their labour is worth more than what our government considers a fair minimum wage.

At The Good Will, minimum wage is $16 an hour. 

We hope other local businesses can follow suit and that the gov. can make it official, so we signed the Living Wage petition from the Manitoba Federation of Labour. You can sign it, too. 

You’ll also find other resources and action items on this site to make sure you and your coworkers are getting the respect you deserve.