Music Venue Sings Praises of $16 Living Wage as Provincial Committee at Odds Over New Minimum Rate

Aug 10, 2022
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CBC Winnipeg

A popular entertainment venue in Winnipeg isn't waiting on the provincial government to increase the minimum wage.

The Good Will Social Club has elevated its starting wage from around $12 to $16 — higher than almost everywhere in Manitoba's hospitality industry.

"We're not trying to say we're better than anyone else in making this decision. We know it's a tough decision for everybody," co-owner Donavan Robinson said.

"But I think if everybody starts following suit, everyone's gonna have a little bit more money to spend at other businesses and it'll just snowball from there."

A few months ago, the owners of the bar, restaurant and live music venue reached the decision. Too many people are suffering financially, burdened by the soaring inflation rate and the pandemic, and the Good Will wanted to do its part.

"We feel that if we can start making that change, hopefully other businesses will follow," Robinson said.

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