The Evolution of The Good Will Social Club

May 31, 2022
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A lot has happened since we first opened our doors. If you’re new here, the last eight years have looked something like this:



In 2014, a bunch of guys opened a bar. Their names, if you care: Tim Hoover, Tyler Sneesby, Anthony Kowalczyk, Donavan Robinson, Cam Loeppky, Abi Torquato, and David Schellenberg. 



We made it a year. We had a big one-year anniversary show, featuring The Constantines.


Clowns? I don’t know; we forget what happened here. 



We spruced this place up a bit. We installed that water tap you’re always crowded around, and we set up the patio, too.  



Everyone had babies. 


Welcome, Khao House. Randy, Korene, and the rest of the crew moved in in 2019. To this day, they’re serving up simple, familiar, spicy, sweet, comforting, and from-the-heart flavours.  

We couldn’t ask for better people to share our space with. Their new branding’s pretty sweet, too! 


You know what happened. 

Things were pretty bleak, but the community really showed up for us and Khao House, and it’s because of you that we managed to make it through. Thanks for that!


2021 (Part 1)

We really missed you when the city shut down. In order to keep entertaining you fine folks, Joanne, Cam, Mike, Tom, and Ava started the Good Will Stay Home Club. 

bThis puppeted variety show also let us put pandemic insanity to good use while being productive enough to fight off a dangerous dose of it. 

 2021 (Part 2)

We really just wanted to make some cool and comfy merch that encapsulated our core values. 

 We believe that you don’t have to look a certain way or squeeze into some matching spandex set just to get moving. And you don’t need to be awesome at something to get a kick out of doing it. Good Will Exercise Club is all about gear that you can wear to do whatever activity makes you feel good. 

Photography by Kat Wilson
Photography by Kat Wilson
Photography by Kat Wilson


Well, that all brings us to today. Right here, right now. If you’re reading this, we’ve rebranded. 

What do you think?

At this point, The Good Will’s in its awkward teenage phase. We’re irritable, anxious, and we’re testing things out to see what sticks. Maybe it’s a phase, or maybe it will nest in us forever. Like when you see an old man wearing khakis and compression socks, but under his itchy wool sweater, right in the middle of his chest, there’s a stick and poke of an old lover’s name. 

Who knows what the future holds. All we know is that today, right now, we’re lookin’ good, we’re feelin’ good, and we’re trying our best to do some good. We’re sure glad you’re here to witness it. 

See you around, 

The Good Will