The Good Will Stay Home Club?

Mar 9, 2022
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The Uniter


Remember Saturday mornings as a kid? Pajamas, a giant bowl cereal, gearing up for a full day of cartoons,The Muppets and Sesame Street? How about sneaking out of bed to catch a glimpse of SNL? The Good Will has tapped into the nostalgia and magic of all that with their Stay Home Club.

Everything we loved about those shows: absurd comedy, lovable characters, and educational moments,Stay Home Club combines with everything we love about The GoodWill: great music, community connection and most of all a place to have fun.

Through word of mouth and Good Will’s strong social media following (Instagram 16.5k followers/Facebook 11.5k followers) our episodes and clips have had thousands of views. Stay Home Club gives folks an opportunity to hangout and chat, while seeing familiar community faces, and listening to great music, all from the comforts of their own space.


The Stay Home Club is many faces and voices of a vast community, but at its core are these rapscallions:

TOM ELVERS (Producer/ Director/ Editor)

Tom is that mystery photographer you’ve seen around shows, protests and events. As the founder and co-owner ofInnerVision, Tom’s face is pressed up to a camera at all times as he captures the best ofWinnipeg’s nightlife and music scene. Tom’s also the former video coordinator for Winnipeg’s cutting edge art consultation collective,Synonym. Who’s exhibits are sprinkled all over the city’s best galleries, bars, and business’.

AVA JULIEN (Producer/ Writer/ Puppeteer)

Returning to Winnipeg after taking an 11 year vacation from the city, this absolute weirdo has performed comedy across the nation, (in real life, not just over zoom). Entering the industry as an inner city kid taking advantage of free after school classes, she’s transformed into a grown ass woman with a tiny mountain of accomplishments and her hands up a puppet’s butt. Ava has made appearances on theCW, Netflix, and yes, the Hallmark Christmas channel.Most notably, Ava’s short filmThe Last Last Heist was screened and nominated at the prestigiousTribecaFilm Festival.

CAM LOEPPKY (Producer/ Writer/ Sound Engineer)

Cam would rather talk wine (red, from Spain)and deliver a cutting joke (I can’t even give you an example without getting in trouble with HR) rather than tell you the long list of achievements he’s earned, so allow me; Loeppky, is a pinnacle of the music scene not just in Manitoba, but across the nation.As sound engineer he’s behind 13 Polaris nominated albums and 12% of Winnipeg’s Top100 Best Songs of All Time. When he’s not running The Good Will as owner and manager, you can find him touring with multiple Juno award winners. This dude is in high demand.

JOANNE RODRIGUEZ (Host/ Performer)

A well recognized face and in the Winnipeg scene. Joanne has established herself asa charmer and life of any party. You’ve witnessed Joanne as the badass singers and bassist of The Sorels, a three piece 70’s glam rock band. As a jack of all traits; you can also catch her acting, lending her voice to commercials as well as an established costumer on some of the city’s best films. She’s 5 feet of high energy and infectious laughter.

MEAN MAN (Producer/ Writer/ Performer)

Mean Man, pours his blood, sweat, and beers into everything he does. As one of the owners/ managers of The Good Will, Mr. Man has dedicated himself to be an advocate.He’s worked diligently for years trying to make this city a more welcoming and inclusive place, bringing in weird punk bands through Disco Needs A Squeeze, taking the mans plaining out of music nerdery withTiny & Mean’s record swaps, or just spinning tunes at the bar with guests.