This Is Your Kaptain Speaking: Kapanaise Thiebaut on Y2K, Transformation, and the Duties of a DJ

Aug 1, 2022
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We’re days away from Y2K: a high-flying debut DJ/drag party piloted by Bby J, The Bannock Babes, and The Kaptain, of course. 

The Kaptain (AKA Kapanaise Thiebaut) is an Anishinabe and Inuit Two-Spirit artist and DJ.  

The Kaptain

Born in ‘98, The Kaptain’s experience of 2000 is that of a Britney-obsessed toddler. Still, early aughts culture, with all its gratifying glitz, majorly shaped their on-stage style. The new millennium aesthetic is also a key source of inspo for The Kaptain’s co-pilot, Bby J — a Queer Indigenous drag queen who's been performing for over 3 years. Her highlights include opening for Canada’s Drag Race winner Priyanka, and being a beloved feature in a plethora of local shows.

“It was an iconic era. Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson—that’s kind of what inspired [Bby J] to do drag,'' The Kaptain explains. “And my style of DJing is very much inspired by R&B and early pop. Very effervescent.” 

This Saturday, The Kaptain and Bby J will be joined by The Bannock Babes, a group of 30+ Indigenous drag queens creating space for #indigidrag in the local scene.   

The Kaptain also credits the babes for taking them under their wing while they became the DJ we know and love today. 

“They really believed in me and would always hire me, even when I wasn't the best. Even when I was a little rusty.”

The Kaptain first started DJing at 16 after taking a workshop with the one and only Mama Cutsworth. From here, they started playing raves, first performing under the name “Psychedelic Fairy.” 

Photo creds to Mike

Over the course of a few short years, they learned the ins and outs of the industry, shifted away from raves, and underwent a game-changing rebrand—ultimately emerging with a more authentic moniker. 

 As The Kaptain, they boast a new-found confidence, commanding the dance floor and promising smooth sailing throughout the night.

“The Kaptain is always glammed up, you know. Goes all-out. At the DJ booth, I’m like, y’all are my bitches. Y’all are gonna dance. If you're not, I’m gonna make you dance…And then off stage I’m just little ole me.” 

These days, the Kaptain’s booked, playing the hottest venues (in both temp and trend) without ever abandoning the slicked-back pony, full lashes, and perfectly arched brows. 

It’s been a summer of career milestones (like performing at the busiest Pride in Winnipeg history), and Y2K on August 6th is set to celebrate just how far they and their fellow performers have come. 

The Kaptain has fun, but isn’t one to forget the responsibility that’s tied to such a name. They know it’s up to them to control the vibe of the night and to conduct a dance floor where everyone feels welcome. 

Go on, entangle yourself in blissful nostalgia. Drip in McBling. Move with the clueless ardor of a 4-year-old Kapanaise watching “Slave 4 U” on MuchMusic for the very first time. Don’t hold back. Kaptain’s orders. 

Catch The Kaptain, Bby J, The Bannock Babes, and guest Carmen Monoxide at The Good Will this Saturday, August 6th. Get your tickets here