A Year in Review with the Cast of the 6th Annual Real Love New Year's Eve Bash

Dec 29, 2022
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Tomorrow night marks the 6th annual Real Love New Year’s Eve bash featuring The Funky Miracles, Boy Golden, Leith Ross, Diaphanie, JayWood, and FONTINE, with DJ Hunnicutt spinning tracks into the early hours of 2023.  

It’s been a real pleasure to see these folks around The Good Will over the past year, and we know they’ll deliver a mighty fine time this Saturday, with funkified originals and covers happening all night long. 

We sat down with some of the names on this jam-packed bill to share a few new year musings, and to celebrate all the good from the year gone by. 

Boy Golden called me from the road, his van rolling through New Mexico—and in and out of service. DJ Hunnicutt joined me at the bar on a frigid night, slurping down a bowl of ramen while I sipped one of those new Winterruption beers. JayWood and I caught up at Khao House during one of few times Jeremy’s been in the city this year. John Baron, of The Funky Miracles, called in on a weeknight with nothing but love for his band and the city’s music scene. And FONTINE shared an NYE redemption story that almost brought a tear to my eye. 

Roll the interview!  

FONTINE: “I spent many years with high expectations that I would have that movie scene New Year’s Eve magic. But I never did, and the parties I went to were lackluster to say the least. I had decided I didn’t care about it anymore. Then, two years ago a couple pals and I had a New Year’s Eve fire in the backyard, played the best crokinole game of our lives, and I made a resolution for the first time in my life: to set off a firework for the first time. Within five minutes of making that resolution it came true. We were setting off those little firecracker things on the street in front of our house. The next New Year’s Eve, I had my very first midnight smooch…and now I think I believe in the magic of new years a little more than I used to.”  

A ton happened this year. What would you say was the highlight of 2022?

John Baron: “My highlight is honestly just getting the chance to make music with amazing artists. I got to play with William Prince this year and a bunch of my friends who are also incredible.”

Boy Golden: “Our Winnipeg Folk Festival shows were awesome. That was definitely one of the coolest shows I've ever done. And then this super long tour (56 shows across Canada and the US!) that we've been on since September.” 

FONTINE: “2022 absolutely crushed it in the highlight department. The biggest highlight was releasing my first single! The response to it was better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you to anyone reading this who has listened to the song even one time. It is so cool to know people are loving the music.”

JayWood: “We did a lot this year. In March we went to South by Southwest, and then we went up to Treefort in Idaho, and then we did the Molly Burch tour. We went to New York for a few weeks, came back, and then did the July Talk show. The week after that we went to the UK. We got back in June, and then I left for Sled Island with Housepanther. Then we did Folk Fest, had the album release listening party, did Real Love in July, Rainbow Trout in August, Germany in September, and then America after that. But the highlight might have been Brighton. We were there for The Great Escape. That was a very, very nice time.   

DJ Hunnicutt: “I went to New York twice, which was fun. Went to see Tears for Fears out in Long Island. And on my birthday I got a grant to develop a podcast (a modernized version of Born in the Break with Elliott Walsh—AKA Nestor Wynrush).”

DJ Hunnicutt and Alannah Walker at the Booter album release show. Photo by Tom Elvers.
JayWood listening party at The Tallest Poppy. Photo by Mike probably.
Boy Golden and FONTINE at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Photo by Tom Elvers.

How about a highlight from the local music scene? Who impressed you this year?

DJ Hunnicutt: “I listened to the JayWood album a lot. Living Hour, Jamboree, Glassreel. I listened to so many good local records. Everything that’s on the House of Wonders label is so good. My homie Pip Skid. Fold Paper—I was lucky to see their first-ever show.” 

FONTINE: “How do I pick just one highlight when every single one of my pals is an incredible artist and had so many cool things happen this year?! I think having my good friend Taylor Jackson share a bill with me, and seeing her get to play her songs for people at the WECC was really special and wonderful.”

Boy Golden: “I went to the JayWood listening party and I've been listening to his new record a lot. Also Living Hour—that’s been spinning in the van a bit. A lot of the stuff I’ve liked in 2022 hasn’t been released yet…” (Stay tuned, people!)

JayWood: “The whole Real Love Summer Fest experience was amazing. The lineup was great, the turnout was great, the weather was great. And it was so great to see everyone in one place.” 

John Baron: “The Roman Clarke release show! I was supposed to be away on tour with Begonia but she got sick, so I was in town. Usually I play with Roman, but I got to see it from the other side and see him perform, and it was honestly a treat.” 

Roman Clarke at The Good Will. Photo by Tom Elvers.

Now, what’s to come in 2023? 

FONTINE: “2023 is gonna be dope, I’m not gonna lie to you. A little birdie told me that the FONTINE ep is finally coming out…. And maybe there’s a tour being planned in the spring? I don’t know, I’m just the messenger.” 

JayWood: We’re playing the Chip’s Vintage show, and going down to Austin again for SXSW. I can’t say too much, but you can expect some debuts and visuals in 2023. I think Nick Cannon’s going to have another kid, maybe two. Opportunity a-plenty for everyone.” 

DJ Hunnicutt: “A resolution: I need to get out and see more local shows. I go see certain acts [that I already know], but then I get put on to this Jamboree record and I’m like ‘this is so good, why don’t I go see them every time they play?’ So, yeah, I need to go see more local acts. And I will. Hold it to me there, readers!” 

Boy Golden: “For the first time in my life I kind of already know what [the future] looks like. New Boy Golden music is coming out. There will be more touring. I’m going down to play SXSW in March. And I'm going to predict and manifest for myself...more time sleeping.” 

John Baron: I hope I have the pleasure to make music with amazing people that continue to take Canada and the world by storm. I really believe in the Winnipeg music scene and the community here.”

Photo by Tom Elvers.
Diaphanie and Begonia at Guilty Pleasures, June 2022. Photo by Tom Elvers.
Photo by Tom Elvers.

It’s been a good year, and we’re glad so many great artists and music-lovers could be a part of it. 

Thanks for clicking around this site and kicking around the bar, and we hope you all have a real sweet NYE. See ya in 2023.