Episode 10: What's on My Heart - I'm Colonized Too

Dec 12, 2022

*** When the original Episode 10: 10 Steps to Start Your Decolonization Journey mysteriously disappeared RIGHT AFTER I RECORDED IT, my first instinct was to have a meltdown. I wanted to come back to the podcast strong and give you guys the episode you were all waiting for. Everything happens for a reason, though, and I followed my Spirit’s nudging to do a What’s on My Heart episode first. I have no notes, just my microphone and the want to show up authentically for you all and show you how painful decolonization work is for me as well. I will be re-recording my original 10 Steps to Start Your Decolonization Journey, and it’s going to be even better!

In this episode, Jen Green cultivates a safe space for her listeners, discusses traumatic life updates and welcomes new subscribers. What’s on my heart exercises follow Elaine Alec’s Cultivating Safe Spaces protocol and allow one’s Spirit to show up authentically, as well as give permission for every other Spirit to show up authentically.

Mahsi Meduh Thank You