001: Maintenance Phase, Listen Up: Podcast Reccs from Sara A.

Oct 21, 2022

Welcome to the age where we’re learning that most of what we’ve been told and sold about health and wellness is totally wrong. Case in point: “Maintenance Phase.” 

Gweneth Paltrow doesn’t care about you, she just wants to make money selling her vagina scented candles. Sure, you might like drinking apple cider vinegar in your morning glass of water, but it doesn’t do what the folks at Bragg claim it does

Michael Hobbs and Aubrey Gordon  go in on so many of the health and wellness fads from the past (Ed McMahon’s diet book) and present (intermittent fasting). They look at the science, or lack thereof, behind the 4.5 trillion-dollar industry that mostly seems to exist to make us feel bad about ourselves. 

Aubrey and Michael take turns teaching each other, and us, about a topic. Episodes are generally funny and lighthearted, but there is that “aw man, it sucks that we have to live in a society that polices bodies so much and thinks that so much of what makes us sick is tied to people’s weight but doesn’t look at things like race, gender, and wealth inequality which are the things that actually make people sick,” vibe. 

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