Argyle Studio presents From the Attic Ep. 1 featuring the Greg MacPherson Band

Feb 16, 2023

"Argyle Studio presents From the Attic, featuring the Greg MacPherson Band. Energetic, propulsive, and social justice-minded, the music of rock ‘n’ roll troubadour Greg MacPherson is as suitable for dancing as it is for mobilizing. Joined by his band (brothers Rob and Alan Gardiner on drums and bass, respectively), he shares a gratifying set of unreleased tunes."

Songs:"Winnipeg Walk of Fame""Got it All Wrong," featuring Michel Germain (Banned from Atlantis, Breath Grenades, XOXO, Hummers) on guitar"Keystone""Some of Us Trying"

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From the Attic team: Audio producer/engineer: Cam Loeppky

Video producers: Tom Elvers and Mike Requeima