From the Attic – Ep. 2: Fold Paper (Full Performance)

Feb 28, 2023

Argyle Studio presents From the Attic, featuring Fold Paper.Led by Chell Osuntade (JayWood and Julien’s Daughter), Fold Paper are nudging post-punk revivalism into a hopeful future. Leaning into their wiry energy, the band lets a head rush of jittery rhythms and glorious guitar slashes guide them toward thrilling dimensions. Watch the group, which also includes Rob Gardiner (drums), Alex Kohut (bass) and Brendyn Funk (guitar), share a striking collection of new songs.

Songs: “(Untitled)” “Idle Idle” “Medical Jargon”“Come Down Awkward”

From the Attic team:

Audio producer/engineer: Cam Loeppky

Video producers: Tom Elvers and Mike Requeima