From the Attic – Ep. 5: Bloc Parents (Full Performance)

Mar 26, 2023

Argyle Studio presents From the Attic, featuring Bloc Parents Fronted by members of Novillero and The Sorels, and rounded out (a circle with a sharp edge) by two Windups, Bloc Parents had their start as a one-off tribute to L.A. band X. Self-penned tunes that subscribed to that same dual vocal dynamic eventually followed. A mod/power pop foundation stone thrown into a post-punk well. Ahead of the band’s debut release, hear them serve up some freshly baked tunes.


“Too Comfortable”

"The Attraction”

“The Bad Blood”

From the Attic team:

Audio producer/engineer: Cam Loeppky

Video producers: Tom Elvers and Mike Requeima